What is a rubber mat?

It is also commonly known as puzzle mats, connectible mats, interlocking mats, rubber mats, anti-slip mats, dog mats, kitchen mats and safety mats.

Where do you use rubber mats?

Most often people think rubber floor mats are only used in industrial and commercial environments such as restaurants, fast food chains, manufacturing plants, swimming pools, beaches and many more. But we can use rubbermats anywhere especially in wet areas and where safety is a primary concern. In fact placing a connectible mat inside our own shower or bathroom is a smart idea to prevent the possibility of someone slipping over and injuring themselves on the porcelain of the bath or tiles of the shower. We can also manufacture different colors to complement the decor of your area. The standard color of our mats is red, blue, green and black.

Areas where to use rubber mats:

Laundry Area
Swimming Pool
Garden Area
Bar Area
Shop entrances
Wet Market
Oily and wet places

We specialize in manufacturing connectible rubber-plastic mats in the Philippines. If you have any requirements don't hesitate to contact us. We can also customize mats for your needs.

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